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How to Use Ninja Blender (Update 2018)

Blending with the Ninja mixer

1. Follow the directions for assembly. If you haven’t done therefore nevertheless, your mixer must be assembled before use. Consult the directions that came with the package for directions that area unit specific to your Ninja model. Typically, you’ll ought to attach the pitcher to the bottom then place the stacked blade assembly onto the shaft

2. insert the Ninja mixer. Your mixer won’t work unless it’s obstructed in. realize the twine and plug it into a socket in your room. confirm that it can’t be simply unplugged in its location

Open up the lid. hunt for an oblong button on prime of the lid. This button ought to say “release.” Press the button to open up and take away the lid.

4. Add your ingredients. Fruits and vegetables area unit ideal to use within the mixer. you’ll produce any combination of ingredients that area unit tasty to you. If you’reemploying a fruit cherish a banana or orange, confirm to peel it before swing it within the mixer. Most fruits and vegetables don’t essentially got to be shredded up unless they’re large to suit within the mixer, however chopping them up 1st helps to live out parts. confirm the lid is fastened down before you select a setting.

1. you ought to not, however, use any hot ingredients within the mixer.

2. you’ll place cubes of ice or frozen fruit within the mixer, however they will boring the blades. Let fruit thaw out for some minutes before adding it to the mixer.

5. opt for a setting. you’ll opt for the heartbeat setting for chopping and process. Or, you’ll opt for speed one, 2, or 3. Speed one mixes, speed two blends, and speed threechops ice. Hold down the button to activate the mixer. Hold it down till you’re glad with the consistency of your ingredients.

• The Pulse setting means the mixer can work its quickest speed, however it’ll stop mixing once you unharness the button for the heartbeat setting.

6. Use the only serve choice. Some Ninja models have one serve choice. the only serve choice means it’ll turn out enough only for one serving of no matter you would liketo form. If yours will, take away the pitcher and insert the cup. Then, add your ingredients. Press the only serve choice to mix

Cleaning the Ninja mixer

1. launder the lids and blades beneath plight. Food will stand still within the lids and blades over time, which is able to cause mould. launder the lids and blade assembly beneath plight once each use. Be further cautious once handling the blades. they’re terribly sharp.

2. Wash out the pitcher by hand. Use plight and gentle dish soap to wash out the pitcher and/or cups. Use a sponge to clean off any food particles. Then, launder the soap residue with heat water

3. Use the dishwasher. though it’s counseled to scrub your mixer by hand, the pitcher, cups, lids, and blade assemblies area unit safe for dishwasher use. place the blades and lids on the highest rack of your dishwasher. It doesn’t matter wherever you place the pitcher or cups.

• The cups, lids, and blade assemblies area unit dishwasher safe, however it’s counseled to scrub them by hand as a result of this can be the gentlest methodology of cleansing.

3. Wipe off the bottom of the mixer. the bottom of the mixer could get unclean or stain over time from born ingredients. Wipe the bottom off with a clean, damp cloth. don’tget the twine or any wall socket wet

Fixing a Blinking Red light-weight

1. Check to ascertain if the lid is fastened. A blinking red light-weight may be a common drawback with Ninja Blender. Your mixer won’t work if the red light-weight is blinking. to repair this drawback, 1st check to ascertain if the lid is fastened. The mixer won’t work unless it’s closed and fastened. The mixer isn’t fastened till it’s been pushed all the approach down on the instrumentation

2. confirm the white arrows on your mixer area unit aligned. If the lid is fastened, however the red light-weight remains blinking, inspect the arrows on your mixer. There ought to be a white arrow on the lid and handle. These arrows ought to be aligned for the mixer to figure. Move the lid till the white arrow on the lid aligns with the arrow on the handle. Then, check to ascertain if the red light-weight has stopped blinking. If it has, you’ll use the mixer

3. match the pitcher on the bottom of the mixer. Another potential reason for a blinking red light-weight is that if the pitcher isn’t properly aligned on the bottom. If it’s been aligned properly, it ought to be able to rotate. The pitcher won’t simply rotate if it’s not been placed properly on the bottom. take away the pitcher and place it back on the bottom once more to ascertain if this can be the matter.

• If the red light-weight still doesn’t escape, decision Ninja mixer client service for the recommendation.

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