June 21, 2024

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Why You Should Start PC Gaming In 2022

If you played video games as a kid, or it’s been a while since you picked up a controller, you’d be forgiven for thinking that video gaming is a simple hobby that doesn’t offer many extras. However, in 2022, video gaming is now a huge industry, and the rise of PC gaming, in particular, is a great reason to get involved. In this article, we’ll break down three reasons why taking up PC gaming as a hobby this year will be a fantastic choice. 

PC Gaming Is Growing Rapidly 

The biggest reason you should start PC gaming in 2022 is the meteoric rise the industry is experiencing. With the PC gaming industry growing to more than $5.74 billion in 2021, the investment and promotion going into this space are unparalleled, and PC gamers are reaping the rewards of this growing interest – game developers, software houses, and even hosting companies are offering gamers the best products, software, and experiences, and this, in turn, leads to gamers having a rewarding and motivating hobby. 

Gaming Equipment Is Better Than Ever Before 

Another thing to consider when looking at PC gaming as a hobby is that the equipment offered by technology companies is now better than it’s ever been. Computer hardware is improving at rapid rates, and the gameplay of some of the top games is so complex that the storylines feel like watching a film, with jaw-dropping graphics and fast refresh rates mimicking the best of any blockbusters. If you’re new to PC gaming, but want to start off right with the best kit, consider getting one of the many Lenovo GTX 1070 PCs on offer, as these will give you the best of the best from the start. Gaming chairs have also seen great investments, and they are now purpose-built to support you physically throughout your long gaming sessions. 

The PC Gaming Community Is For Everyone 

Lastly, one of the greatest things about PC gaming, and why you should take up this hobby in 2022, is the inclusivity and openness of the online gaming community. There are many forums and social media sites dedicated to gaming, like Discord, where you can reach out to players like you who are interested in the same games and genres, either for advice or friendship. There’s also a huge subcommunity of gamers who enjoy streaming video games, or watching others stream their gameplay online – this is an interactive and fun way to share your passion with others, whether it’s through establishing a name for yourself as a streamer, or supporting the goals of others. 

PC gaming is truly for everyone, and if you think that video games are still the same as they were even just a few years ago, then it’s time to branch out and explore the excitement that this hobby can give. The growth of the industry on the whole, as well as the improvements made to PC gaming technology, mean that top-quality gaming is available for anyone. Coupled with the rise of online communities where people can be who they are and share a common interest, this hobby truly offers unparalleled opportunities in 2022.