April 19, 2024

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Upgrade Your Airsoft Gun with Airsoft Parts

Planning a Make-over?

You can outfit your airsoft gun inside and out. Whether you want better performance or parts replacement, you can get the right airsoft parts. The convenience of shopping for airsoft parts online makes it also easier for you to compare prices, and avail of discounted offers.

Majority of airsoft parts are manufactured in China, Taiwan, and Japan. The airsoft parts cater to all makes and designs of airsoft firearms; so getting one for your airsoft model will be fast and trouble-free. You will only have to be sure of what you want for your airsoft gun.

Before giving your airsoft rifle or handgun a make-over, have a ready plan: when to upgrade, what to upgrade, and how much you are going to spend. When doing the upgrading yourself have all airsoft parts ready. If you are not sure about your competence, get a pro to help you, or show you how it is done.

What Are These Airsoft Parts?

There are airsoft parts for internal and external upgrades. For internal upgrades, there are gearboxes and parts, cylinder pistons, and piston heads, bushings, gears and gear sets, springs and guides, nozzles, hop up rubber sets, motor barrels, inner barrels and other internal parts. For externals you can choose metal parts, optics, silencers, flash hiders, and much more.

Viewing those airsoft parts online can give you a better idea about overhauling your airsoft gun. If you are keen on replacing parts of your Tokyo Marui AK47, start with the gearbox. Perhaps you are aware that the limitations of the velocity of Japanese made airsoft guns are legal in nature not a flaw in design.

The gearbox is large enough to accommodate a bigger 8.4 volt battery. With a speed of 285 fps, your gun’s magazine will be tough enough to hold 68 bbs. Since this gun can switch from semi to full automatic, you will now have a powerful gun after you upgrade the gearbox. In most cases, before you do any upgrading you must have the complete airosoft parts.


You will need a Systema/Areal1000 metal bushings, hop up bucking, Guarder 50% ball bearings, Guarder Shim and Shim Set. You will be working on springs so get a PDI 150% Spring if you want more speed and velocity. You will be using several screwdrivers, which you can buy from the local hardware.

Go over instructional manuals carefully, and be sure you remove the battery before any disassembling. It will be practical to have ready containers for the tiny screws and bolts.

Upgrade Your Look

If you have done your airsoft rifle a service with airsoft parts, how about getting the latest protective gear for yourself? The vest, SWAT helmet, goggles and sunglasses, arm and leg holsters, and combat boots will give you the protection and appropriate look in your next battle.

You should also update yourself on the local regulations on airsoft firearms, and ensure that you store your guns out of the reach of children.