June 12, 2024

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Inspired by Technology

Summer Reading, Notebooks, and Thinking


If you have joined a single of my webinars about lookup approaches or taken my Instructing Background With Technology training course, you in all probability know that I advocate for two quite non-techy functions. These matters are looking through bodily books and writing in a bodily notebook. 

I have constantly observed that when I read through bodily textbooks, regardless of regardless of whether they are fiction or nonfiction, there at the very least 3 issues that take place. I get new ideas to dabble with in my head. I have tips that I want to recall. I have to prevent and compose my tips down. All of these things are identical and all of all those contribute to making me a little bit of a sluggish reader if your only gauge for looking through pace is how numerous web pages you change in a presented timeframe. 

A bodily notebook is pretty much often inside my arrive at throughout the day. I begin my working day composing in a notebook (objectives for the working day, to-do listing, reminders). For the duration of the working day when I need to have to puzzle through an plan I produce in my notebook. And when I’m caught and can’t believe of something to website about or make videos about, I transform back again via the pages of my notebooks (in my business I have notebooks heading back again at the very least 10 yrs). 

This summer season I’m studying The Previous King of The usa and re-examining Twenty Factors to Do With a Pc. Each guides are speedily filling with notes. Equally have supplied me concepts that I wouldn’t have uncovered by way of scrolling social media accounts or through Google lookup. I wouldn’t have those people notes and suggestions through a Google lookup because I wouldn’t have regarded what I did not know till I examine the guides. Those people notes then prompt and type my later on Google searches. In other words, the books start out me down the rabbit gap of investigating much more tips.

Is there a stage to this submit? Yes, it is to remind you to decide on up a great e book this summertime and just take notes. And in the tumble, do the very same for your students. 


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