April 22, 2024

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SEO Content Writing And Going Viral Via Social Networking

SEO content writing, or content writing that has been search engine optimized, is an absolute must if you want to make yourself visible on the Internet these days. You can’t simply slap up any copy ” no matter how good ” and expect it to sell your product or service. Instead, that copy has to be search engine optimized, so that you’ll get found by your customers. In addition, search engines have to find your copy acceptable; search engines are inanimate “tools,” to be sure, but they’re still very important and you have to follow the rules to make sure you don’t get blacklisted so that you stay visible.

If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that well done SEO content writing is important to keep search engines happy. But what you might not know is that the process is about a whole lot more than just content. Why?

It can help you “go viral”

Well optimized content doesn’t just help you make sure the search engines find you. Properly used with social networking tools, optimized content can actually help you go viral. What does it mean to go viral?

When a blog post, web page, video or something else of yours that promotes your product or service goes viral, that means it spreads “like a virus” throughout the Internet. That means it gets lots and lots of exposure, and gets seen by a lot of people. That’s good for your business, because when you get seen, you get traffic, and when you get traffic, you get customers. Here’s how it works:

You post a well written blog post talking about your product or service. In that blog post, you use applicable keywords both in your blog post title and in the body of your post, to a keyword density of about 1.5%.

If you’ve got your blog set up on an RSS feed and have used the appropriate tags in regard to SEO content writing based on keyword searches people will use when they’re looking for your kind of information, your blog soon becomes visible to search engines so that people can find you.

Here’s where it gets really interesting, however. The more people who like your article and mark it so via social networking conduits like Digg, Facebook, or Delicio.us, the more visible your content becomes; “liking” your blog post via social media creates lots of organic backlinks, which further boost your search engine rankings.

Therefore, with this kind of SEO content writing, you don’t have to just worry about the content itself, but about keywords and tags you use when you write your blog post, too. When you go viral, you get amazing visibility, which drives traffic to your site and gives you more chances to convert prospects to customers.