June 21, 2024

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Selling your products on Amazon FBA

How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon Reliably And Easily (2022) |  Sourcing Nova

#1. Create Your Product Concept

If you cannot convince yourself to purchase your item, others would not buy it either. It should be something new, bright, and bring some added value to the market. It should be something people would need and search for, but not extremely popular, to avoid too much competition.

#2. Outline your Unique Selling Points

Answer a question: ‘Why would I buy this product?’. Make bullets. Keep this in mind: you need to convince the shoppers that your product is the best choice. It is preferable that you select your first product considering your scope of interests and experience, something you know much about.

#3. Create a Brand

One of the tools to attract your customers is branding. Brand recognition pushes sales. Create your brand and make sure that your trademark is listed in Amazon Brand Registry.

Elaborate on Product Design, Manufacturing, and Logistics

It is very important to find a reliable manufacturer and importer, who can ensure the quality and meet your deadlines. The manufacturer should have production experience and you would prefer that he is English-speaking.

Always get a sample, test it and see if it meets your expectations. Check if the producer is ready to manufacture small amounts. Don’t order too many items from the start.

Check the logistics from the start. Before Amazon’s product launch you will need to find out a carrier to deliver your products to the Amazon warehouse if you sell FBA, and the cost of shipment to the customer, if you sell FBM. Keep in mind that Amazon charges you around 80 different fees depending on the case. In some cases, you might consider sea freight. There are Amazon seller tools helping you track all your Amazon fees.

Estimate your inventory. Make a preliminary forecast of your stock, expenses & profits from amz fba fee calculator. Discuss with the manufacturer the possibility of urgently producing a limited number of items if that is needed.

Step 4. Create a Perfect Product Listing

Product Listing is the ‘face’ of your product, but not only that. You need to include all the most important product details, to help customers make a purchase decision. The information should be correct, structured, and clearly formulated. You can also include some of the unique selling points.

Remember that listing helps customers to search for your product. Include on the listing the keywords you researched for your item.

It is very important to include an eye-catching title and high-quality images and videos in your listing. Your buyers would very often make a purchase decision based on the picture. Include as many SKUs to each ASIN as you have.

Make sure you’ve attached all descriptions, manuals, etc. The more information you give the customer – the less is the chance for return a bad review.

And don’t forget about product offers and discounts.

You can get a lot of small tips if you review the recommendations from various Amazon product launch services.

Step 5. Ad Campaigns

PPC is an extremely important instrument to increase your reach and conversions. Do your keyword research and analyze top competitors’ keywords, ads, and estimated spending.

Don’t forget about Amazon product launch services. Use Sponsored Products Ads, Sponsored Brands Ads, and Sponsored Display Ads. For the ad campaigns outside Amazon, for example, on Google or Facebook, you can consider Amazon Influencer Program.