June 12, 2024

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Rega Research Kyte 2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker: The Audiophile System Builder

Rega Research Kyte 2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker: The Audiophile System Builder

Rega Investigation is a turntable firm. Sorta. Rega have been production turntables for nearly 50 years, but that hasn’t stopped the British company from branching out about the years. The Planar 3 may well be their most popular product or service, but Rega appreciates how to establish high quality amplifiers, CD gamers, and loudspeakers as perfectly. The new Rega Kyte loudspeaker is proof of that.

The unique Rega Planet CD participant resided in my method for nearly 10 decades and was each exclusive from an industrial layout perspective, and an outstanding sounding resource. It undoubtedly rolled off at each extremes, but that proved to be a cause to like it with good-point out amplification and far more neutral sounding loudspeakers. Electronic audio basically experienced texture and some poorly wanted warmth in the midrange.

Rega Research Kyte Bookshelf Speakers Front and Back

It was also pretty affordable at a time when high-finish electronic audio was heading off the rails with very pricey transports and DACs. Rega builds top quality equipment that people can afford.

How dare they.

Rega’s loudspeakers never get a ton of fanfare which is a pity because they basically make some extremely very good types. Pair them up with the suitable amplifier (Rega io, Brio, Elex-R) and the ultimate success are typically fairly fantastic. Their loudspeakers audio fairly great with other British amplifiers from makes like Exposure, Naim, and Cambridge Audio.

Rega Research Kyte Bookshelf Speaker Rear Angle Closeup

The Kyte are compact bookshelf loudspeakers we throw that phrase all over a whole lot and I’m not certain that it is normally the case. The Q Acoustics 3030i are bookshelf loudspeakers, but they are also instead deep and I have under no circumstances utilised them on just about anything but appropriate stands.

The Kyte ended up built to get the job done with a desktop stand that Rega also created and I can see them doing the job perfectly on a desktop…or even a bookshelf.

Put some space involving the Kyte and the wall if you put them on a bookshelf to even out the bass response.

Intelligent the Brits are. Terrible at building food items but phenomenal at audio layout.

The Kyte retail for $895 and are created in Excellent Britain. That’s relatively remarkable considering that the competitiveness features products in the exact price tag variety that are manufactured in Asia.

Rega Research Kyte Bookshelf Speaker Tweeter Angle Closeup

Crucial Capabilities

  • Personalized developed phenolic resin cabinets
  • Exceptional ceramic plate & cross brace construction
  • Handmade MX-125 bass-mid unit
  • Rega built ZRR significant frequency unit
  • Bass reflex design, rear ported
  • Uk designed and manufactured
  • Life time warranty against manufacture defects

The Kyte (89 dB, 6 ohms) are not a incredibly tough loudspeaker to drive, but I suspect that they will present up a mediocre sounding amplifier even if it can output 50-100 watts of electricity.

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I would not advise traveling the Kyte with some low-cost AVR and wondering that you are being wise from a budgetary standpoint. Penny clever. Pound silly in that scenario.

Rega understands its customers. It understands that not anyone has the spending plan for substantial separates at the moment and that something like their io integrated amplifier and the Kyte may possibly make some listeners very joyful.

The Rege Brio could possibly be a superior selection if your place is on the greater side and you crave more command in the bass division.

But having listened to the Rega io, I can see this blend doing work for a good deal of people today in an office, den, bed room method.

Rega io Integrated Amplifier
Rega io

System synergy is a point. Rega Planar 3 consumers gravitate to Rega amplifiers and digital resources as very well.

The Kyte seem significantly larger sized than they glimpse and are far a lot more open sounding than what you might assume from standard bookshelf loudspeakers there has been positive movement in new years thanks to makes like ELAC, Wharfedale, and Polk in that regard underneath $800.

Rega is not offering the Kyte with any fancy wooden finishes so there is a marginally utilitarian look but you will not treatment immediately after listening to them with virtually each and every genre of songs resolution, refinement, pacing, and prime stop clarity and depth are all incredibly present.

Anyone who tries to persuade you that Rega simply cannot design good sounding loudspeakers — can definitely go and just fly a Kyte.

Exactly where to acquire

Rega Kyte Bookshelf Speakers$895 at Amazon

Rega io Integrated Amplifier$725 at Amazon

Rega Planar 3 Turntable$1,125+ at Audio Suggestions