September 22, 2023

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Mokeylaser: A DIY Laser Engraver That You Can Easily Build

Mokeylaser: A DIY Laser Engraver That You Can Easily Build

[Mark aka Mokey] borrowed his friend’s open up-body laser engraver for a though, and uncovered it to some degree missing in attributes and a bit much too expensive for what it was. In a natural way, he assumed he could do greater (online video, embedded down below.) Soon after a location of modelling in Fusion 360, and some on-line buying at the typical sites, he experienced all the components necessary to build an X-Y bot, and we reckon it seems to be like a pretty very good starting up stage. [Mark] experienced a Sainsmart FL55 5.5W laser module kicking about, so that was dropped into the create, jointly with the usual Arduino moreover CNC shield combo working GRBL.

[Mark] has furnished the full F360 resource (see the mokeylaser GitHub) and a in depth invoice-of-supplies, weighing in at about $400, and based upon the regular 2040 aluminium extrusions. This would make MokeyLaser a fair beginning level for further advancement. Future options include upgrading the controller to a little something a bit extra present day (and 32-bits) as well as a much more strong laser (we do hope he’s received some appropriate laser glasses!) and including air assist. In our knowledge, air help will certainly increase matters, clearing out the smoke from the beam path and increasing the penetration of the laser noticeably. We consider there is no require for additional optical electrical power (and bigger threat) for this application. [Mark] says in the online video that he’s operating on an further construct video clip, so probably come by later and verify that out?

Obviously, MokeyLaser is by no suggests the only these beast we’ve featured, here’s the engravinator for starters. For even a lot more minimalism, we protected a make with some sensible optics accomplishing all the get the job done. But what if you really don’t materialize to have a 5W laser module “lying around” then possibly test a far more all-natural warmth supply rather?