April 19, 2024

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Google Webmaster Tools Update – Disavow Links

Disavow Links

Google has already another new Webmaster Tool called Disavow Links.

How do you use Disavow Links tool?

The process is quite straight forward, so log in and follow the simple guidelines.

If you were to submit your links on day one, do not expect Google to have deleted them by the next day! Google will crawl the Web, they will see the links you’ve mentioned and they’ll get annotated. It could take a few weeks. Google is for ever updating their algorithms to stop people from turning on or off their links!

The disavow link tool is like adding a do not follow link. With do not follow links, Google will not follow the link, making it almost obsolete. It is pretty much guaranteed that these links are not counted and does try to limit the abuse that negative SEO brings but here Google is being a little bit more cautious so webmasters do not accidentally disavow ALL links from themselves.


Not that Google has the Disavow Links tools, do try alternative methods first. So, first, write to any link providers to delete them first, try the old-fashioned method first and if this doesn’t work, then try the Disavow Links tool in Webmaster Tools.

Matt advises that the disavow tool is not just for bad links, it can also be used for negative SEO. Instead of wasting your time worrying about the illegal SEO techniques links that have been added to your site, webmasters can now use the tool and go back to getting links from reputable domains. This tool is also for those occasions when you can’t get someone to remove a link to your website that you want pulled because they’re either ignoring your email or you just can’t get a hold of them.

The head of Google’s web spam team was speaking at a recent industry conference and was advising of what the new Disavow Tool actually means. The tool is already live and can be found at Google’s Webmaster Tools. It has been beta tested by some selected Search Engine companies already for the past few weeks.

If you need help in removing spam links or negative SEO, or even with help on a digital marketing campaign that includes building links from reputable resources, then search on various SEO blog sites. Many SEO companies like to share information on what is up to date and relevant!.