April 22, 2024

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Computer Projector Rentals: A Guide

Any meeting or conference requires a computer to handle inputs like data, graphics, video and audio. Computer as a multimedia application has properties comparable to standalone players for VCD or DVD. With the integration of IT and the Internet into the audio visual industry, computers have become an indispensable item of equipment. They are a common product line in the inventory of a/v rental companies.

To have a meeting with computer aided presentation of data, graphics and video, one needs to have a projector that is compatible with different makes of computers such as IBM and Mac. For instance, an iMAC computer has different requirements than other systems. The accessories that come with computer projectors are audio and video cables, speakers and screen.

The type of screen is decided by the number of members in the audience. If it is a small gathering, a 27″ monitor may be used. For large gatherings, a flat screen display or a plasma monitor with 50″ monitor may be used. If it is a notebook computer, the laptop must be activated to have the output to the projector. Depending on the number of the people, importance of brightness, contrast and resolution, an LCD projector would be a good fit for the occasion.

The important factors an event manager must consider before choosing the a/v system are the room size, lighting conditions, the inputs that will be displayed, the resolution and clarity of the visual images and screen size. Depending upon the requirements, the rental rate may vary from $300 to $500. Also, the rental companies provide value added services such as complete solutions to manage the event.

Computer projectors are used by corporate houses and universities for business presentations and seminars. They can be booked by phone or online. Most rental companies deliver the systems the previous day. The major manufacturers of computer projector systems are Hitachi, 3M, Compaq and Canon.