November 29, 2023

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9 Top Ecommerce SEO KPIs for Measuring Search Success

So, you have a running website, in which you have to spend a lot of money and time to make it superior. But now comes the important task of conversion business through the website.

You need to set a long-term goal in order to steady the growth. But how can you monitor success and know if your efforts are tangible enough or not?

Key Performance Indicators have the answer. KPI is a vastly important part of SEO strategy but it also one of the most overlooked ones. KPI is the only assured way to know if your campaign is reaching success or you need to hire seo freelancer again.

KPI makes the SEO expert’s job easier as it lets them know if their current strategy is working and if it is what the percentage of growth is.

Now that we have sold you the idea with prosperity, it’s time to understand why KPI tracking is such an important aspect?

Tracking ROI

The main aim of having a website is to get a return on investment or ROI. Doesn’t matter if you are investing in an in-house team, an agency, or other resources your main goal should be obtaining more money than you are spending. And how can you do that when you are not using a fitting tracking procedure?

Tracking ROI is the best measure of success, even though it takes time to see an ROI of almost 6 to 12 months. But you can set your goals according to this time frame and then get an accurate record of the improvement of ROI.

Measuring Conversion Rate

While financial return is important to measure but as doing getting the return takes a lot of time, you can surely calculate the conversion rate meanwhile. Because ROI doesn’t only evaluate the success, tracking organic conversion such as sales and/or leads is a cemented way to determine success.

For assuring that you are having enough conversion rates, you need to set up a benchmark according to your campaign. It will help you separate the already generated leads from the new incoming ones.

Keyword Ranking On the SERPs

Keyword ranking is one of the vital parts of SEO strategies. To get the desired ranking on the various search engines, we recommend that you keep track of your targeted keywords. Even though the keyword ranking is not as happening now as it was five years back, but it is still a relevant part of SEO success.

Your single page of content can rank several different keywords, so it will help you determined which keywords are mostly ranking in the SERPs.

Organic Visibility Measuring

You must have heard about the Google Search Console, as it is the most proffered tool to showcase the growth of a campaign. When you will hire seo specialist, you will know what your searcher on your site was visible for. The more you will see the increase in the impression the more your campaign will get organic visibility and growth boost.

Organic Sessions

When you will track the organic sessions you will initially know what activity was done by the website visitors. In simple words, you can track what made the user stay on your website and for how long.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can conjoin that data with a reporting tool to ideal cross-reference with other data. You can also use Google Search Console as it will help you to divide the brand searches from the organic clicks that are made with non-branded terms. Just make sure that you are analyzing the sessions comparing on year to year basis rather than month-to-month.

Backlink Ranking

Backlinking is essentially is an important part of Google’s top three ranking factors, and from where we are seeing, it won’t change anytime soon. By conducting fruitful backlink profile tracking, you can gain insights on earning any new links or if there is anything wrong with your link profile. You can also compare your own link profile with your competitors’ link profile.

Gaining Insight on Page Load Time

Page load time can make it or break it for your website, and it’s a fact. You want to add a new feature to your website, advance the web design, or other tasks?

That’s fine but do make sure that it is not making your site slower. You can take instant action upon measuring the page load time and save yourself from losing prospective business.

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