May 27, 2022


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6 Ways to Troubleshoot If a Bluetooth Device Freezes Your Mac

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  • If you suspect your Bluetooth machine freezes your Mac, there are some points you can examine to troubleshoot.
  • Make sure that your MacOS is up to day for the reason that it can consist of updates to your Bluetooth motorists and take care of probable challenges.
  • You can also toggle your Bluetooth controls, re-pair your products, and make sure your WiFi is not conflicting with Bluetooth.
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Everybody is familiar with your Mac is supposed to “just do the job.” Normally, it does. But often your computer system can misbehave, especially when wi-fi engineering like


triggers concerns. Some consumers find that Bluetooth can even cause their MacBook or other Apple personal computer to freeze at startup, or Bluetooth alone to freeze up or perform little by little. If you might be acquiring a challenge with your Mac because of Bluetooth, listed here are a couple widespread techniques to troubleshoot and solve the problem. 

Make positive your Bluetooth equipment are completely billed

If you’re going through challenges with Bluetooth efficiency on your Mac, the least complicated point to verify is to make positive any Bluetooth gadget you happen to be working with — no matter whether it truly is your headphones, keyboard, mouse, or any other machine — is entirely billed. 

Update your MacOS

It is doable that you might be employing an more mature edition of MacOS, and it has a essential bug that is affecting your Bluetooth connections. To examine, click the Apple brand in the menu bar, then About this Mac. On the MacOS About display screen, simply click Program Update… If there are any updates readily available, click Update Now

The Software Update dialog box for MacOS.

Verify for system updates that could possibly resolve your Bluetooth complications.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Reboot your Mac

If you haven’t restarted your Mac in a while, a clean up begin could possibly be all it takes to do away with Bluetooth glitches. Simply click the Apple logo in the menu bar, then Restart… Enable your Mac reboot, which will reset your computer’s performing memory and system motorists.

The Apple menu showing the Restart option in MacOS.

Restart your Mac to flush out your computer’s memory and reset erratic drivers.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Toggle Bluetooth on your Mac

Yet another effortless way to reset your Bluetooth radio and apparent likely concerns is to switch Bluetooth off and then back on again. Click the Apple emblem in the menu bar, then Procedure Preferences… Double-click on Bluetooth. On the still left side of the Bluetooth window, simply click Turn Bluetooth Off. Hold out about 30 seconds and then simply click Flip Bluetooth On.

The Bluetooth system preferences in MacOS.

You can address many popular Bluetooth problems by toggling Bluetooth off and on once more.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Re-pair your Bluetooth devices

If you consider the dilemma is linked to a specific Bluetooth system, you may well be ready to get it functioning adequately all over again by un-pairing the machine from your Mac and then pairing it all above again. Click on the Apple emblem in the menu bar, then Program Preferences… Double-click Bluetooth. Locate the possibly problematic product in the list, and then click on the X on the proper facet of the window. In the pop-up window, click on Clear away. Then pair that system with your Mac once again and see if the performance has enhanced. 

The Bluetooth system preferences in MacOS.

Take care of a problematic Bluetooth driver by removing and then re-pairing a Bluetooth product.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Make improvements to your Bluetooth sign

Eventually, you really should make positive that your Bluetooth equipment have the greatest probable chance to converse with your laptop. If you happen to be applying a Bluetooth machine close to the limit of its selection from the Mac, shift nearer. Retain the product as close as doable to your laptop. 

In addition, make certain there are no other sources of probable interference working close by. If you have a WiFi machine linked to your Mac utilizing the slower 2.4GHz community, reconnect it using the 5GHz WiFi community if doable, to prevent interference with Bluetooth. Disable any Bluetooth and 2.4GHz WiFi devices you really don’t need to have. And go any USB hubs away from your computer system so they’re not right on leading of or adjacent to it.

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