April 12, 2024

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5 digital transformation examples that pay off

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 changed the reality we knew. As a response to growing needs, many companies learnt how to roll with the punches and changed their thinking into digital. With such a competition in the market, avoiding digital transformation seems like a conscious step backwards. Find several digital transformation examples listed below.

Crucial digital transformation examples

1.     Remote-first workspace

Keep up to date with the most optimal solutions and change into a remote-first organization. New digital tools might seem like an added cost, however it is very important to adapt to new ways of communication and project management. The list of benefits is long, just to name a few: it is cost and time saving, the office doesn’t have to be shut down immediately, and people are happier hence more productive.

1.     Design thinking used to improve the customer journey

Another useful example of digital transformation, because there is nothing worse than a frustrated client. To win big in a highly-competitive market, it is crucial to keep satisfying your audience. The design thinking, which takes under consideration feasibility, viability and usability of the digital product, will significantly improve your customer’s experience and add value to your brand.

1.     Automated customer service

Another perk of business digital transformation is automated customer service. Some minor problems don’t require a specialist’s assistance and might be easily solved by customers and AI. The result? The time saved on proper classification and issue resolving might be spent on addressing more complicated issues. Your support team is engaged in challenging cases and the clients are satisfied with user-friendly chatbots.

1.     Sales efficiency improved with AI-driven insights

If you’re running an organization you know the importance of the sales department and its efficiency. You can use the potential of AI to introduce some improvements, for example by providing instantaneous feedback and predicting potential issues or client’s behavior. There’s also more time for the sales team who can focus on more complex issues. In general, AI-driven insights help to increase efficiency and optimize the internal processes.

1.     Automated management of employee performance

Thanks to the digital transformation of a company, managers can monitor employee progress in real-time. Manual evaluations conducted at the end of year are not only a huge administrative challenge bringing obsolete results, but also are rarely long-awaited procedures. Automation saves your time and moreover, the data collected can be used to understand which employees are performing well, and to what areas they should pay more attention.


To sum up, in the fast-paced world we live in, these digital transformation examples can’t be overlooked. If you think about your business seriously, reinventing your organization’s structure and digital transformation seem like an indispensable step.