Do coronavirus masks provide protest protection?

Arsonists, looters and rioters who think they evaded U.S. law enforcement this past week because they wore face masks might be in for a surprise.

Not long after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended wearing cloth face coverings to slow the spread of COVID-19, a company introduced face recognition technology designed to identify people who are wearing masks, be it to ward off coronavirus or conceal their identities while committing crimes. 

Brendan Klare, co-founder and CEO of Rank One Computing in Denver, said his company’s new technology “can be deployed with our law enforcement partners’’ that include 25 agencies in the United States. 

Brendan Klare, co-founder and CEO of Rank One Computing.

“What we have released in direct response to COVID is what we call periocular recognition algorithm,’’ Klare told USA TODAY. “It’s very similar to a face recognition algorithm. It’s just the eyes and eyebrows only.

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