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Top 10 Scanner Software for Windows 11

Top 10 Scanner Software for Windows 11

Looking for a better scanner app for your Windows 11 PC? You are in the right place. The paperless office has a good chance of becoming a reality since scanning technology is now more widely available and affordable. Many firms now routinely scan documents using document scanning apps to create electronic versions that can be kept locally or in the cloud.

Scanner software comes in various forms, with numerous document kinds. The finest scanning software should accommodate various requirements, including the ability to save documents in various formats as needed. Given below are the top 10 scanner software for Windows 11 mostly free of cost.

Best Scanner Apps for Windows 11

We have ranked the best Document and Photo scanner software based on its features, most of them are free of cost and some of the paid software has amazing features. you can see them below-

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Since Adobe Reader is the most popular program for opening PDF files, you may be familiar with it.

Adobe Acrobat makes all possible for document scanning, PDF creation and annotation, and even OCR text recognition. You could ask what better program to use, given that Adobe established the pdf file format.

Launch Adobe Acrobat, select Tools -> Create PDF, and click Scanner. To ensure you receive the greatest outcomes, many presets and alternatives will be offered to you.

The presets you can use to scan the most typical types of documents are as follows:

  • Grayscale document
  • Color photograph
  • A black-and-white document preset is helpful for text document scanning and OCR. 
  • A preset color document is comparable to the previous one but includes colors.


  • has sophisticated collaboration tools that let you work quickly on shared PDF documents.
  • Includes a text indexing capability that enables document-level searching.
  • Create PDF files from the photographs on your smartphone.
  • Join two or more PDF files together.
  • Give you the option to add a digital signature.
  • Interoperability of devices with different platforms.


  • The free edition of this software only offers a small number of capabilities. 
  • You would need to choose the paid versions to access more advanced features.
  • Product licenses are necessary.


  • Acrobat Pro DC for people costs $108 yearly and $25 monthly (subscription-based)
  • Acrobat Standard DC costs $23 per month and $156 per year (subscription-based)

For Business:

  • $450 (perpetual with a $200 upgrade) for Acrobat Pro DC
  • For $300 (perpetual with a $140 upgrade), get Acrobat Standard DC.

2. ScanSpeeder

ScanSpeeder has many truly outstanding capabilities, such as scanning numerous documents simultaneously on a flatbed scanner, which are then saved as distinct images.

Slides and negatives can be scanned, and the tint of pictures can be adjusted. Additionally, you may scan the notes written on the back of images to ensure you never forget them.


  • scans several files and photos simultaneously.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Also scans negatives and slides. (Paid variation)
  • high rate of auto-detection.
  • Supports a sophisticated toolkit and batch editing features.
  • Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The software’s premium edition is the only version that supports the software’s 16-bit true grey scanning function, which scans black-and-white photos.


  • Regular Edition: $29.95 annually
  • Pro-Edition is $39.95 annually and offers email and Facebook support.

3. Paperscan

PaperScan Software is another robust, user-friendly document-scanning application with interfaces like WIA and TWAIN. This implies that legacy scanners, video capture cards, and outdated digital cameras can all be used to scan images.

The Auto Deskew option and image auto-optimization are useful for automatically rotating images.


  • support over 30 different languages.
  • Possesses the ability to edit after scanning.
  • Compatibility across platforms.
  • Convenient and reasonably priced.


The free version does not permit batch editing or scanning. A higher “Home Edition” or “Professional” plan may require you.


  • Free Edition: $ 0 (Single License)
  • Home Edition: $ 79 (Single License)
  • Professional Edition: Quote on request (Volume License)
  • Professional Edition: $ 599 (Site License)
  • Professional Edition: $ 149 (Single License)

4. VueScan

VueScan, a fully free-to-use program designed for the general public, outperformed standard scanning software technologies by reverse engineering more than 6000 scanners to make it easier for users to be prepared to scan their documents whenever they want. It made it possible for people to continue using their existing scanners while scanning documents, movies, images, and even negatives on computers running Windows, Linux, or iOS.

According to the type of document that needs to be scanned, the program includes Professional and Standard suite options that customers can choose from.


  • automatic detection of color.
  • Scans several pictures and documents.
  • All widely used document and image formats are supported.
  • Integration with Photoshop is offered.
  • Accessible on both macOS and Windows.


  • The user interface still requires some refinement.
  • It takes effort to get the settings right Unfriendly user interface
  • Pages still bear the software’s watermark.
  • Pricing feels old


There are two editions of VueScan.

  • Regular: $49.95
  • Edition Professional: $99.95

5. Simple index

SimpleIndex, as its name suggests, is another straightforward document-scanning software solution at your disposal. It is one of the top 10 scanner software for Windows 11. Considering all factors, including the price, scanning time, and other crucial ones, this tool checks all the right boxes.


  • Live chat assistance.
  • User interface that is simple and effective for both personal and business settings.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Support for watermarks in PDF files.
  • Editing in bulk is supported.
  • OMR checkboxes may be easily marked with this tool.
  • Digital Imprinting
  • Highly reliable and practical Cons


  • Currently only supports Windows OS, and there is no mobile integration.
  • It could appear pricey to small firms.
  • does not integrate mobile
  • purely Windows platform compatible


Before considering the price options, you can use the free trial.

  • Workstation: $ 500
  • Concurrent: $ 1,250

6. ABBYY Finereader

ABBYY is a global software developer focusing on developing tools for OCR reading and working with scanned documents. Large media have given FineReader five-star reviews and fantastic scores.

 You can edit, review, and convert scans and PDf documents using FineReader.

The editing tool is useful since it enables you to share your work with other users and not only edit but also annotate documents that have been opened in FineReader.The compare feature helps you to track the changes that have been made to a document. Also, it has one of the best OCR engines in the world, which is probably the most used feature of this software.

You can easily convert scanned documents to Word, Excel, PDF, and other formats with great precision. Forget about copying texts manually; just use ABBYY FineReader.


  • high document precision
  • and is capable of changing documents between different formats.
  • Creates fillable forms for you.
  • Documents in various formats are compared.
  • Includes the capability of a digital signature.
  • Permit you to easily edit papers if you need to amend or rephrase a sentence or paragraph.


  • a little too expensive for small companies.
  • not using version control
  • has no full-text indexing capabilities


  • You can test out all of its features over a 30-day trial period.
  • Version Standard: $ 199 (perpetual license)
  • ($299 for small- to medium-sized businesses) Corporate License (perpetual license)

7. NAPS2(not another PDF scanner 2)

This tool is a PDF scanner, although a feature-rich one. This tool focuses on being user-friendly and having basic functions. You can scan with only one quick click, or if you prefer straightforward technology that is simple to use, NAPS2 is the tool for you! The utility allows for custom page arrangement and image processing options.


  • 1-click scanning
  • Support for all file types
  • WIA and TWAIN integration
  • automatic rotation of pictures
  • OCR software supports more than 1000 languages.
  • Intuitive GUI
  • straightforward and understandable functionality
  • Free and open-source
  • With OCR, over a thousand languages are supported.


  • It lacks an image-straightening function.
  • The user interface is too basic for large businesses.
  • Only available with Windows. Occasionally, programs crash


It is available for free download online.

8. Microsoft Office lens 

One of the greatest free scanning programs for Windows, Microsoft Office Lens, quickly transforms photos and documents into usable formats.


  • enables you to access it locally or on OneDrive to save photographs.
  • Reduces and gets rid of shadows.
  • Enhances the colors in photos and documents.
  • Images can be transformed into any format, such as.docx,.pdf, or.ppt.


  • The interface still has room to improve 
  • It needs to become more user-friendly.


9. Readiris

Readiris should be at the top 10 scanner apps for Windows 11 on your list if you’re searching for a comprehensive document scanning tool that is simple to master. Your physical documents can be quickly scanned and converted into the pdf format of your choice with Readiris.


Word, PowerPoint, indexed PDF, and Excel file types are all supported by the program, which features a user-friendly and intuitive GUI. Tell the tool which files to scan, and the system will take care of the rest. After it has finished scanning, you will instantly be given the option to edit.


  • The document was scanned into all supported formats, including PNG, TXT, RTF, BMP, TIFF, ODT, ePub, GIF, JPEG, and HTML.
  • the choice to reduce the size of saved documents
  • Easy Windows compatibility (7,8, 10)
  • Converting documents to editable PDF files is simple.
  • Multiple users can share scanned text for signage and reviews.
  • Digital signatures provide increased security
  • Convertible to audio file formats, allowing for simple listening while working Recognition engine Intuitive GUI Cons


  • not using keyboard shortcuts
  • Switching between functions is challenging.
  • There are many lacking options for aligning, inserting clipboards, etc.
  • It is impossible to use the model with the lowest price due to the tiered pricing.


Readiris PDF 17: $ 49

Readiris Corporate 17: $ 99

Readiris Pro 17: $ 69

10. CamScanner

You can accomplish this and a lot more with CamScanner. The program has many incredible capabilities, like a lightning-fast OCR, document sharing and syncing, and the capacity to convert files into JPG and PDF.

Because of its portability, it is highly recommended. The tool can automatically recognize and scan the image, and you can then select one of its many editing options to obtain the final scan of the document.


  • Sharing and synchronization of documents
  • picture enhancement automatically
  • Scanned picture storage in the cloud
  • Wireless printing made it possible to fax over 30 different country codes.
  • Highly portable User-friendly GUI All required characteristics
  • Combining scanned images is possible.
  • Background material can be removed.


  • excessive number of in-app purchases
  • The files may consume too much space.


  • Basic: Free
  • Business: $ 6.99/month per user or $69.99/year
  • Premium: $ 4.99/month or $49.99/year

Ready to use the best Scanner software for Windows 11?

The days of sifting through mountains of paperwork and scanning each one individually are done. The scanning of documents has advanced thanks to cutting-edge technologies. These technologies may perform like magic for you and your business, whether high-volume scanning or indexing and routing the documents to the appropriate platforms!

What are you still holding out for? Try out one of the top 10 scanner apps for Windows 11, and you can forget about manual intervention forever.