Why Hollywood needs computer games tech more than ever

Kim Libreri, an award-winning visual effects artist based in Northern California, has worked on movies including Artificial Intelligence and War of the Planet of the Apes.

For nine years he has been working with a piece of technology better known for computer games, in particular the smash-hit Fortnite.

The Unreal Engine, owned by Epic Games, provides the building blocks and tools that a computer game developer needs, but is increasingly an attractive technology for TV and film producers.

The latest version of technology, Unreal Engine 5, is coming out next year, and Epic has been heavily trailing its features.

It should allow visual effects artists like Mr Libreri to slot graphics and images straight into a scene, with little fuss.

“With traditional filmmaking, a director and cinematographer might shoot a scene on set -then down the line, hand footage and creative direction off to a team of virtual reality artists

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5 Must-Buy Tech Behemoths as Nasdaq Composite Touches 10,000

U.S. stock markets retreated on Jun 9, snapping a six-day winning streak. Both the Dow and the S&P 500 indexes fell sharply. However, the Nasdaq Composite has maintained its pace closing in the positive territory in seven out of last eight trading days. On Jun 9, the tech-laden index achieved a significant milestone of 10,000 for the first time in history.

Nasdaq’s Fabulous Rally in Past Two and Half Months

The Nasdaq Composite started rallying since the beginning of 2020 after finishing an impressive 2019 rally of 35.2%. Since then, the index had a dream run attaining fresh highs almost every day. On Feb 19, the tech-laden index reached its all-time high of 9,838.37 after which it took a backward bend on the verge of the coronavirus outbreak.

The tech-heavy index entered into year-to-date negative territory on Feb 25 and then fell in the bear market (characterized as decline of

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