June 21, 2024

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Repair Windows 7 Installer

In Microsoft Windows operating systems, the Windows Installer package is used to install, repair, reinstall or uninstall the programs. Most Microsoft and Non-Microsoft software uses the Installer to perform the setup tasks like installing, repairing and uninstalling the software.

The increasing use of this utility has resulted in some errors too. Most common problems that users face are: ‘The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed’, ‘Error 1706: Setup cannot find the required files’, ‘Error 1720: There is a problem with this Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run.’

Here are a couple of solutions to repair installer in Windows 7:

1. Reinstall the Installer

2. Fix Registry Keys

3. Modify Image Path in Registry

4. Allow RPC to Interact with your Desktop

Reinstall Installer

Reinstalling Windows Installer should no longer display the error, if it is related to Installer files. To repair Windows 7 installer do the following steps.

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories.

2. Right click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator.

3. Type the following commands one by one after pressing ENTER at their ends:

a. ren msi.dll msi.old

b. ren msiexec.exe msiexec.old

c. ren msihnd.dll msihnd.old

4. Type EXIT and press ENTER.

5. Download a fresh copy of Installer from Microsoft website.

Fix Registry Keys

Widows Registry is one of the sources of the most common problems in general computing. This is due to its significance as an application software data storage medium. The Installer may suffer from errors and problems if the registry entries are broken. You are recommended to use a registry cleaning software to repair Windows 7 installer.

Modify Image Path in Registry

The full file path (i.e. image path) of Installer is registered in system registry. An invalid path to Windows Installer may result in runtime Windows Installer errors. For repairing Installer in Windows 7, we need to write down and register the valid path to Windows Installer package.

1. Click Start | Run.

2. Type %WinDir%\System32 and press ENTER. [Note: %WinDir% refers to Windows directory, usually C:\Windows]

3. Did you find the file named MSIExec.exe? If so, write down the full path of that file, usually C:\Windows\System32\MSIExec.exe]

4. Close Windows Explorer.

5. Do the Step 1 above.

6. Type RegEdit, and press ENTER.

7. Open the following registry path:


8. Double click ImagePath string to modify it.

9. Enter the valid path you noted down in Step 3. Then, press ENTER.

10. Close Registry Editor.

11. Restart the computer in Safe Mode. [To enter into Safe mode, press F8 key before Windows starts loading.]

12. Do the Step 1 above.

a. Windows 7 32 Bit Users: Type msiexec /regserver

b. Windows 7 64 Bit Users: Type %windir%\Syswow64\Msiexec /regserver

13. Press ENTER.

14. Restart the machine.

Allow RPC to Interact with your Desktop

To repair Windows 7 installer, try permitting the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) feature to interact with your desktop.

1. Click Start | Run.

2. Type Services.msc and press ENTER.

3. Right click Remote Procedure Call service, and select Properties.

4. Click Log On tab.

5. Select the option Local System Account.

6. Mark the box Allow Service to Interact with Desktop as checked.

7. Click OK and restart the machine.

Highly Recommended

Windows Installer has its registry keys that enable installing, uninstalling and repairing software programs. The highly recommended solution is to use a registry fixer program, do a registry scan, and instantly repair the problems.

Which registry fixing program shall I use?