July 13, 2024

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Lenovo Yoga Trim 7i Carbon leaked to be a exclusive union of two manufacturers

As the world’s premier Laptop maker, it is not out of the everyday that Lenovo would have quite a few brands beneath its title. There’s the ThinkPad that it obtained from IBM ages ago and its individual flipping Yoga household of 2-in-1 convertibles. It is not regular, nevertheless, for these strains to cross but it seems that the stars could have aligned and have supplied beginning to an unforeseen Yoga Slender 7i Carbon that would seem to assure the finest of each worlds.

Lenovo has reserved the “Yoga” brand for its convertible laptops, even though it has also released common notebooks less than that title a couple periods. The Carbon branding, on the other hand, has mainly been associated with Lenovo’s ThinkPad workstations, particularly these marked for electrical power and a bit of ruggedness. These facts are what make this leaked Lenovo personal computer simply because it pretty much appears to be the opposite of those.

For one, the Lenovo Slim 7i Carbon online video leaked by WalkingCat, a.k.a. @_h0x0d_ on Twitter, reveals an exquisitely white laptop, the yang to ThinkPad Carbon’s yin. It is not very clear if the notebook can bend around backward but it does seem to be to have the hinge for that. It does at minimum have an “unyielding carbon” fiber body that must at the very least make it as durable as ThinkPads in spite of its seemingly fragile white physical appearance.

The video clip describes a notebook that is contrary to what most know about laptops, which is only marketing discuss for combining characteristics that seem contradictory at initially. That likely boils down to packing ThinkPad general performance in a lightweight Yoga kind.

WalkingCat does hint that this Yoga Slim 7i Carbon, which is a mouthful of a title, would be packing the most up-to-date 11th-gen Intel Tiger Lake chips. If so, these three USB-C holes could pretty very well be Thunderbolt 4 ports. It remains to be observed if it will truly have something else to supply to “unlearn” what we know about laptops or if it will merely be some hyped-up variation of the plain Yoga Trim 7i laptops Lenovo announced at the start of 2020.