September 21, 2023

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Kinetic Cyclic Scissors | Hackaday

Kinetic Cyclic Scissors | Hackaday

[Henry Segerman] and [Kyle VanDeventer] merge math and mechanics to generate a kinetic cyclic scissors sculpture out of 3D printed bars adjoined alongside one another with M3 bolts and nuts.

a kinetic bar framework with 3d printed bars of alternative black and grey color, each joined with m3 bolts and nuts being held by a person at two points with a quadrilateral tiling overlay

The kinetic sculpture can be thought of as a component of an infinite tiling of self comparable quadrilaterals in the airplane. The tiling of the aircraft by these self very similar quadrilaterals can be realized as a framework by becoming a member of the diagonal points of every quadrilateral with bars. The standard problem [Henry] and [Kyle] wished to respond to was under what situations can the realized bar framework of a subsection of the tiling be made to go. Astonishingly, when the quadrilateral is a parallelogram, like in a forklift, or “cyclic”, when the endpoints lie on a circle, the bar framework can go. Tweaking the ratios of the center lengths in a cyclic configuration leads to diverse kinds of rotational symmetry that can be obtained as the framework folds in on by itself.

[Henry] and [Kyle] go into extra depth in their Bridges Conference paper, with derivations and additional conversations about the symmetry induced by altering the constraints. The aspects are mild on the precise kinetic sculpture highlighted in the video clip but the bar framework was chosen to have a mirror sort of symmetry with a motor connected to one particular of the central, decreased bars to generate the motion of the sculpture.

The bar framework is accessible for download for any person seeking to 3D print or laser slash their very own. Bar frameworks are valuable suggestions and we’ve seen them used in art sculptures to strandbeests, so it’s fantastic to see further more explorations in this house.

Video after the split!