June 21, 2024

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How To Use Google To Find The Owner Of a Phone Number

To find free information about someone based on their phone number, your first point of call could be no-one else than Google. Because Google is such a huge tool, it has access to information from the farthest reaches of the Internet which enables you to hopefully find information about people based on their phone number.

To find if anyone’s details are online then Google is the site to help you find them, and this article is to help you do that. To find the information, you should first type “phonebook: xxx-xxx-xxxx” into Google.com’s search box where the phone number is in place of the “x’s”. This will search a directory of country-wide listed land lines and should, if successful, bring back the name and address of whoever’s phone number you searched for.

Not only is this service free but it is also fast and can be very effective… however the quality of the information (last updated) and success rate is VERY low for the this lookup. Because the information it searches is compiled from a huge public database that hardly anyone bothers to update, it’s results show that.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for with that method, you then need to type their phone number in “quotation marks” in Google’s search box. Because the quotation marks will help the search engine find that exact term on websites, it will give you a more detailed look into what exactly is out there. Upon pressing “Search”, you will be presented with a page of the most relevant results which should, in theory, have some information of your phone number’s owner inside.

If you look through the results and try and see any which would have the details you are seeking inside and then do the same for the next 3 pages, you should soon see whether it’s worked or not. The likely hood, to be honest, is that it wouldn’t have worked because finding high quality complete information in this way is not ideal nor is it guaranteed to succeed.