September 22, 2023

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Hackaday Links: September 11, 2022

Great information out of Mars from the tiny lunchbox that could — in the seven times that MOXIE has operate due to the fact it arrived in February 2021, it has achieved its goal output of 6 grams of oxygen for every hour, which is in line with the output of a modest tree below on Earth. The investigate workforce which contains MOXIE engineers report that while the strong oxide electrolysis device has shown it can create oxygen at practically any time or day of the Martian scale, they have not demonstrated what MOXIE can do at dawn or dusk, when the temperature improvements are sizeable, but they say they have ‘an ace up (their) sleeve’ that will allow them do that. We can not wait around to see what they suggest.

In other, to some degree funnier space news — early last Sunday early morning, the ESA’s Solar Orbiter was cruising by Venus as aspect of a gravity-guide maneuver to get the Orbiter closer to the Sunlight. Two days prior to the Orbiter was to arrive at its closest position to the roomy star, it spat a coronal mass ejection in the basic course of each Venus and the Orbiter (dibs on that band identify), as if to say ‘boo’. Fortunately, the spacecraft is designed to withstand these slights, but the exact can’t be reported for Venus — these situations have their way with Venus’ environment, depleting it of gasses.

Is this not the most Hackaday-esque matter you have ever read of? A photo voltaic-powered, Arduino-pushed cockroach. Not a robotic, an actual cockroach with a backpack. Why? Cyborg bugs for urban lookup and rescue missions, certainly. We’d make some quip like ‘all it needs is a Nixie tube’, but in all seriousness, that would just weigh them down needlessly.

So in any case, here’s (an ‘Arduino guitar device’ playing) Wonderwall.