April 19, 2024

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Don’t Get Confused Among So Many Embroidery Digitizing Companies

A lot of companies are offering their digitizing services on the internet today. All of them claim to provide the best digitizing services at affordable prices. These companies will also tell you that they are offering so many service features too. All this information can confuse you easily. It can become difficult for you to decide with which company you should go. Three is no need to be confused by the false claims made by most of those companies. You can easily determine whether a company is worth enough of your time and money or not. In this article, you will learn some important things about those embroidery digitizing companies that claim to be the best but in fact, they are just after your money.

Their Digitizing Pricing Is Not As Affordable As It Looks Like

Each digitizing company has its own standard pricing. Those companies that are situated in USA, Canada and UK are usually very expensive. Hiring such a company can cost you a lot of money because their lowest price starts from $10/ 1000 stitches. Such companies usually offer different promotional packages in which they offer their services for a fraction of cost. As soon as you sign up for their services, the prices start to increase gradually. Before you know, you are stuck with a company that is offering very expensive digitizing services.

Don’t Forget To Keep the Quality Factor In Mind

In the beginning, most of the expensive digitizing companies will offer you very high quality of digitizing services. Once they will realize that you are satisfied with their quality, they will start paying less attention towards the quality factor. As a result, you will start getting low quality digitizing service. If a design will not work as expected on the machine and you will ask them to revise it, they will charge more money for that purpose too. Always make sure that the company you are dealing with provides you with a sample sew out image of your logo. If a company is not willing to provide a sample sew out or they charge extra for that service feature then you should find a different company.

Customer Support Plays Vital Role

Without proper customer support, no digitizing company can survive in today’s market. A digitizing company should be offering 24/ 7 customer support. There is a possibility that you need some changes in one of your logos that you have submitted for digitizing. If the company doesn’t have a dedicated customer support department, you will never be able to make those changes in that order. As a result, the logo will be digitized as per your previous requirements and you will have to pay extra money to make the changes in that logo.

Before you go ahead and start working with any digitizing company, you should keep above points in your mind. If a company is not willing to provide the above services, there is no use of hiring that company for digitizing. It is a wise decision to work with such embroidery digitizing companies that are working in the Asian region because, not only they provide you with best pricing but their quality is very high too.