April 12, 2024

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3 Common Mistakes New Players Make When Playing Block Puzzle Games

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The puzzle game genre is one of the most thrilling and fun games that has ever been invented in the history of mankind. A block game is one of the most popular sub-genres of puzzle games. It is the perfect option if you’re looking for something to stimulate your mind, keep it in shape, or keep you from getting bored. 

Puzzle games are the first type of video game. Because players can now access any puzzle game of their choice on their smartphones or tablets, whether a cross-number puzzle or a block game puzzle, they games are indeed becoming increasingly popular.

To play a block game successfully and improve your score, you must avoid a few blunders when solving them. The most frequent mistakes beginners make when solving block puzzles are listed below. Let’s explore them.

  • Trying to guess

It can be highly convincing to place a block even though there is no logical basis for it when there is strong faith that it will lead to a solution. However, a flawed assumption could make a block puzzle impossible to solve. The mistake frequently isn’t realized until when the game is almost at the final stage. That suggests that the entire amount of time and effort put into the game will have been in vain. Most puzzle games, including block games, don’t require gamers to guess.

  • Making unplanned moves

You could become overly absorbed in the game if you try to unconsciously arrange the falling pieces into rows and columns. Unfortunately, doing so can leave you with a block that doesn’t fit anywhere or several empty places into which no other block would fit.

You must plan carefully to play your block puzzle game and earn a higher score. You can move before the time expires by setting your plans in advance and keeping three blocks ahead. The best way to do this is to play the block puzzle game and observe the fresh three blocks that appear once you’ve correctly positioned every block from the previous set. You now have a wonderful opportunity to plan your actions and position the blocks carefully to empty as many cells as possible.

  • Not providing adequate space for the 3×3 square piece

Sometimes the abrupt appearance of the 3×3 block will end your game. You must always keep this in mind as you play your block puzzle, and remember to leave space for them if you don’t want your game to conclude too soon. The goal is to always allow for expansion rather than contraction. You can raise your score by clearing out cells to make room for new blocks. As a result, you must always leave a 9-square space for the 3×3 blocks.


Playing block puzzle games could be a lot of fun and interesting. After finishing the game, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. But you can only succeed if you avoid the blunders mentioned above.